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Registered Association

Bund Jüdischer Verfolgter des Naziregimes (Association of Jewish Victims of the Nazi Regime)

Registered office
Salztorgasse 6/IV/5
A 1010 Vienna

Founded: February 21, 1963


Purpose of the association (according its Statutes of January 23, 2006)
The aim of the non-profit organization Bund jüdischer Verfolgter des Naziregimes (B.J.V.N.), in continuation of the work of Simon Wiesenthal, is the struggle against forgetting the Shoah, against antisemitims and neo-nazism in all sectors of society. In this regard, the monitoring of the political and social environment, the promotion of research in the field of contemporary history, and concrete efforts in the education of young people and adults alike is of urgent concern to the association.


Executive board

Chairman: Heinrich Schmidt
Deputy Chairman: Joanna Nittenberg
Secretary: Rudolf Gelbard
Treasurer: Raimund Fastenbauer
Deputy Treasurer: Gertrude Mergili
Other members: Rosa-Maria Austraat, Pauline Kreisberg, Berthold Sandorffy, Herbert Reisner