Angriff auf das Dokumentationszentrum des B.J.V.N. und Simon Wiesenthal
und die Reaktion aus aller Welt.

(Attacks against the Documentation Center and Simon Wiesenthal and reactions to this from throughout the world).
Vienna: Bund Jüdischer Verfolgter des Naziregimes, 1970

Concerns the threats of the Austrian Socialist Party to close down the Documentation Center after Simon Wiesenthal had publicly criticized the fact that the Kreisky administration included more individuals with a Nazi past than any previous Austrian administration since the end of the war.


Der Ausweg. Jewish newspaper for education and defense
Published quarterly from 10/1963 to 9/2001.


"Bulletins of Information"
Annual English reports of the activities of the Documentation Center . Vienna, 1964 – 2005.