Documentaries and Portrayals



National Film Board of Canada, Montreal, 1965
Directed by Donald Brittain and John Spotton

A Jewish Holocaust survivor travels through Germany recalling scenes from his memory. Large cast of Holocaust survivors (including Simon Wiesenthal), concentration camp guards, liberators, and many others playing themselves; archive footage; black and white.


Television portrayal of Simon Wiesenthal in honor of his 70. Geburtstag

NCRV/Netherlands, 1978


Beschrieben und vergessen - Simon Wiesenthal oder Ich jagte Eichmann

ZDF/West Germany, March 2, 1978                                                                    
Written by Heinz-Dieter Grabe

Insights into the life and work of Wiesenthal


Simon Wiesenthal

A film by Nat Lilienstein
Antenne 2/France, May 25, 1982

Profile of Wiesenthal including an interview about his most important cases


„Zur Person“: Matinee im Theater in der Josefstadt (Vienna)

ORF/Austria, Jan. 6, 1988

Simon Wiesenthal in conversation with Franz Ferdinand Wolf , broadcast on Austrian public television


Erinnerungen (Memories)

ORF/Austria, Feb. 20, 1991          

Simon Wiesenthal in conversation with Johannes Kunz, on topics such as his motivation to bring Nazi criminals to justice, his conflict with Bruno Kreisky, the situation in the Middle East, the Kurt Waldheim issue, etc.


Simon Wiesenthal: Freedom is not a gift from heaven

Directed and produced by Willy Lindwer                         
AVA/Netherlands, Oct. 1993

Portrayal of Wiesenthal in honor of his 85th birthday


Bei Premiere zu Die Kunst des Erinnerns, 11. Mai 1995. Von rechts: Doron Rabinovici, Werner Schmiedel, Johanna Heer, Simon Wiesenthal

The Art of Remembrance – Simon Wiesenthal

Written, produced, and directed by Johanna Heer und
Werner Schmiedel
Austria, 1994; USA, 1995
German, English, French with English subtitles

Feature-length biography with extensive interviews with Wiesenthal, Col. Richard R. Seibel, Stanley Robbin, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Raul Hilberg and others, and with historical footage. Special
attention is paid to the Austrian government’s efforts to downplay
its country’s role in the Holocaust.


„The End of a Legend“ in „Panorama“, a political program on
German public television

ARD/West Germany, Feb. 8, 1996                                               

Attempt to dismantle Wiesenthal’s reputation and play down the importance of his achievements such as his successful search for Adolf Eichmann.


Hitlers Helfer II (Hitler’s helpers II)

ZDF/West Germany, March 1998 – Oct. 1998

A documentary television series by Guido Knopp, with the participation of Simon Wiesenthal as a contemporary witness

Portrayal of Simon Wiesenthal on the occasion of his 90th birthday

NCRV/Netherlands, Dec. 1998

Simon und Cyla Wiesenthal im Gespräch mit Andreas Novak bei Aufnahmen zu Menschenbilder, 2000

Menschenbilder: Simon Wiesenthal

ORF/Austria, Oct. 27, 2000 (first broadcast)

A documentary for Austrian public television by Andreas Novak, with a personal and even private approach to the man Wiesenthal. The mixture of personal reminiscences, a unique interview with his wife, scenes of his visit to a Jewish cemetery, as well as archive footage from the Galicia of his childhood and
material from both world wars creates a sensitive portrayal of
Wiesenthal, the human being, and not merely the “Nazi hunter”.


The Life of Simon Wiesenthal (working title)

UK, in the works since 2003, dates for worldwide cinema release not yet known.

Feature-length biographical documentary film, based mainly on archive footage, by Douglas Chirnside.


I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal

USA, in the works

A feature-length documentary of Simon Wiesenthal's life produced by Moriah Films, the media subdivision of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The film is directed by Richard Trank, and narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman



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